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Jul. 21st, 2005 @ 04:27 pm my postcards
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Date:December 9th, 2005 06:34 pm (UTC)

Re: congratulations

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It started quit easy... a friend of mine (the one with the website) opened a topic on a local forum and we had massive reactions on that. People went for their work out, people did known other people living or working in another country etc...etc..
But then started the real work...I googled and googled like hell to find me E-mail addresses and I found a lot: tourismboards,national scouts movements,expatriates-organisations, memberlists of different international clubs (of mathematicians, of coin-collectors, of scientists, of birthwatchers etc..etc...). Sometimes you can find hughes e-mail list (and to make it easy for me..ordered by country).
And then...the mailing starts...writing mails, writing mails, writing mails. In the 9 months I sended already 3300 e-mails....and what's the result: From every 100 mails 20% bounces back because of none-existing anymore...70% you don't ever hear about anymore (not intrested? classified as spam?). On 10% we've got reaction (and with exclusion of 1, all very positive)...people are sending pictures, real letters, passing by the message to their grand-childeren and go together for a search for postcards etc... I really can write a book of this all. So, from the 10% positive reactions (meaning they promise to send a card), only 5% arrives... people forget about their promise, post-offices over here or over there not always working like it should be.... after approx. 1 month after promising I reply again to the promiser for a reminder. I do this only once otherwise I really become a spammer and that's not the goal.
I never counted the hours which I sat here after my PC for her project...but at this moment I can't stop no more...we can smell the finish...but the last part is the most difficult one...africa isn't that easy...post isn't working that good over there and people are not always that fortunate to spend money for a stranger as we are at the end for them just for something luxury as a postcard (if postcards are even available everywhere)... So, we feel very lucky and positive on every card arriving and on every mail which is coming back...there are a lot of good people on this globe -- and that's a part of the story I want to tell my little daughter with this project as well...
Good luck with your collection as well Pawlick, and thanks for your intrest...
all the best from Elke and Wim
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Date:December 13th, 2005 11:22 am (UTC)

Re: congratulations

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thanks for your reply — it was very interesting to read it and to trace your way, too
you made me think about new ways of getting postcards
hope i will find other people - which were not contacted by you and your daughter already - not to make them angry :) or they still be very kind to send one more postcard for me…

all the very-very best!
please let me know if one day your collection will be e-published